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At Lantel Systems and Consulting, we are committed to delivering technology solutions designed around your company goals. We do this by fully understanding who you are and how you do business and gear solutions towards those needs.

Clients rely on us to manage their resource from the ever-changing world of Information Technology. We understand you need to operate continually and productively. Join us in this win-win partnership by sending us an email.


 Many small businesses struggle with whether or not to set up an intranet site and what advantages would be accrued from such a move. Technical challenges definitely pose an issue especially where a business does not have a full-fledged IT department. But this should not be a deterrent. Lantel Systems is a leader in intranet design and implementation. Here is a quick summary the entire approach. First, let’s define the term intranet. An intranet is basically a computer network within an organization.... (more...)

This past weekend we  ran and completed our  first Lone Star Stampede 10 K race. Several months ago, Lantel provided us with a local gym membership to help promote healthier living. As a team, we took up the challenge to train, register and complete an upcoming race in Houston to support a local non profit organization. We believe all lives are created equal, therefore selecting to run on behalf of Team COCI  and raise funds to support a local children’s afterschool program was the perfect match.... (more...)

The headlines say it all-tornadoes rip through the Midwest and parts of Texas, trailers being tossed like card board boxes in the air and buildings flattened in seconds. The damage? Hundreds of millions of dollars in economic loss. For many homes, it will take a lifetime if ever to recover. Family pictures, furniture, jewelry, documents and important memorabilia forever lost. For businesses such as yours, it could be critical data on which hinges the survival of your business. This includes personnel... (more...)

It is a fact that as your company grows, so will your information technology needs, costs and complexities. The mistake many business owners make is attempting to juggle these developments and run their business at the same time. This can have disastrous results. The solution that is working for many business owners and managers is managed IT services. A managed IT services solution involves partnering with a qualified partner who provides dedicated hosting for your applications and data and manages... (more...)

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept and involves remotely hosting data and applications in a “cloud” environment of web servers. These are then made accessible to an end user as a “service”.  This affords the user tremendous flexibility where they can control access to critical data and install software as if on their own separate machine. As the technology evolves, businesses continue to warm up to the concept of cloud computing. This is because they can now focus on what’s important... (more...)