When Managed IT Services Makes Perfect Sense

When Managed IT Services Makes Perfect Sense

It is a fact that as your company grows, so will your information technology needs, costs and complexities. The mistake many business owners make is attempting to juggle these developments and run their business at the same time. This can have disastrous results. The solution that is working for many business owners and managers is managed IT services.

A managed IT services solution involves partnering with a qualified partner who provides dedicated hosting for your applications and data and manages this for you from a remote location. This solution makes perfect sense because:

Lantel Systems managed IT servicesYour business will experience phenomenal savings as compared to when you are managing all your services in-house. With managed IT services, a small business can grow faster because it does not need to consider the extra space for hardware and housing a full fledged IT department. Larger and more established businesses have also reported a significant reduction in costs.

Reduction in costs can also be experienced in the event that staff members leaves the organization. In a traditional IT setting, your business would need to retrain someone else or wait for extended periods before finding a suitable replacement. With managed IT services, there is no need to retrain anyone if a techie leaves, and any delays in finding a replacement employee do not hurt your business.

Another reason why employing managed IT services makes perfect sense is because your business benefits from the specialized skill and knowledge of the IT firm that is remotely hosting and managing the data and applications. This gives you peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on what you are truly good at with minimal or no distractions. This also allows your company to continue maintaining its technological edge all while not having to worry about the details.

In this day and age, it also makes perfect sense to have managed IT services because it reduces your overall risk. Imagine a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado or flood striking your business premises and totally destroying the property. The same can happen if there is a fire, or even a burglary. Because your applications and sensitive data are remotely hosted, there is no danger that it will be lost or rendered irretrievable. This is another occasion to experience peace of mind.

Since launching our Managed IT services division of our company, Lantel Systems has continued to interact with customers who have voiced appreciation at having benefitted from the points we have discussed. To enroll your company today, you may contact us here.



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